Detroit Lions Dueling Mock Drafts 3.0: How many needs can be filled in one draft?

On Thursday evening we played Team Pride of Detroit against our own listeners and viewers. Over on our Twitch and YouTube pages, Erik Schlitt, Ryan Mathews, and I started The Draft Network’s Mock Draft Machine and tried to put together our best possible mock draft for the Detroit Lions while trying to be realistic.

Then, after doing our worst, we gave reign to our live audience. Through polls and chats, we have enabled viewers to come up with their own tips and trade suggestions. Only rule: you get one trade for the entire draft.

The results were very interesting. The most important lesson I learned from the pursuit is that Lions have to make some concessions when it comes to meeting needs. Although both we and Chat received additional draft picks via a trade down in the first round, neither of the drafts failed to adequately address all of Detroit’s needs. Our design did a good job addressing the offensive line and broad receiver position but left the linebacker position pathetically thin. Chats Mock tackled the linebacker and secondary positions well, but the offensive and defensive lines were addressed far too late.

Here’s a look at how it played out:

If you don’t want to play through the entire video, we’ll split up what we like and what we don’t like from each bill draft at 1:29:00 AM. If you’d rather just see the tips, here they are:

Team POD:

Choose 8 – WR Ja’Marr Chase * – LSU
Dial 41 – S Jamar Johnson – Indiana
Dial 72 – DT Milton Williams – Louisiana Tech
Dial 73 – OT Spencer Brown – Northern Iowan
Pick 101 – G / C Quinn Meinerz – Wisconsin
Dial 112 – CB Shaun Wade – Ohio State
Dial 151 – WR Anthony Schwartz – Auburn
Dial 153 – LB Buddy Johnson – Texas A & M.

* The trade down brought in an additional third, a fifth and a fifth by 2022


Dial 15 – WR Jaylen Waddle * – Alabama
Dial 41 – LB Nick Bolton – Missouri
Dial 46 – S Richie Grant – UCF
Dial 72 – CB Elijah Molden – Washington
Dial 101 – DT Jay Tufele – USC
Dial 112 – OT Walker Little – Stanford
Dial 163 – WR Anthony Schwartz – Auburn
Select 177 – WR Racey McMath – LSU

* The trade down earned an additional second, fifth and fifth place in 2022

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