Detroit Lakes sixth grader shares ‘story behind the story’ of viral football video

DETROIT LAKES, Minn. – At any time of the day at Detroit Lakes Middle School, 12 year old Kale Hannahs can be found with a smile on his face and infinite energy.

“He’s got a great personality. That’s normal; it’s kale every day,” said Kale’s teacher Katie Biggar. “His colleagues love him. He’s a great addition to our classroom. We love him. We love him.”

While Kale’s class is always working to include him, there are times and activities when Kale just hangs out. But his friends turned the tables on Kale after he told them the story of a dream he had.

Kale, who has always dreamed of being a soccer player, actually had a dream about it. So his friends made it happen in a video that has now been watched by millions over the weekend.

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It was an act of caring and compassion by middle school students who just wanted to have fun with their boyfriend.

“It’s a strange age and I think we sometimes underestimate our own children,” Biggar said. “(The video) was 100% orchestrated by kids. They enjoyed it. They treat Kale this way every day.”

Kale and his family have heard from relatives and friends across the country who saw the video on social media and national television.

Life began tough for Kale. He was born prematurely in Fargo during the 2009 flood. MeritCare doctors had to move Kale from Fargo to Sioux Falls, SD

Hannah's kale as a newborn.  He was born in Fargo during the 2009 flood and evacuated to Sioux Falls.

Hannah’s kale as a newborn. He was born in Fargo during the 2009 flood and evacuated to Sioux Falls.Submitted photo

“We couldn’t hold him until they evacuated the hospital,” said Kale’s mother, Michelle Hannahs.

Kale was later diagnosed with cerebral palsy, but no one has ever questioned their joie de vivre.

“He’s happy all the time,” said Michelle Hannahs. “When you have a bad day, it will make someone laugh, it will make someone smile, and it will instantly turn your day around.”

Interested in science and computers, Kale has big plans to move from viral video star to MVP.

“If you want to do something, do it,” said Kale.

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