Detroit Dog Rescue seeks fosters as people return pandemic pups adopted last year

Dogs adopted during the pandemic are being brought back because people are not home

Many dogs that were adopted during the pandemic are back in shelters while their adopters go back to work.

Detroit Dog Rescue saw a boom in pet adoption during the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the beginning I said that dogs really save everyone because nobody knew what to do. We were locked in our house. Dogs really got through, “said Kristina Rinaldi with DDR.” People wanted to encourage that they wanted to adopt. It made people feel good and gave dogs a home. ”

Now that life is beginning to normalize, many people are bringing these dogs back to the shelter.

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“It’s so hard for these dogs to go back to a shelter when they’re home,” said Rinaldi.

People are returning to work bringing back the pups that the pandemic brought with them. Rescue has also seen a decline in people who care for dogs.

“Now we have the problem that people who have adopted want to give the pets back,” said Rinaldi. “Our carers do not know what their immediate future will look like with their work schedule, so we are losing many of our carers.”

The shelter is now keeping about 20 free spaces open at a time to make sure they have room for the extra dogs.

Rinaldi said that a job shouldn’t keep you from adopting and shouldn’t keep you from having a pet.

“I crate my own dog when I’m gone for a long time,” she said. “We’re not the rescue workers who say if you’re working you can’t adopt. That doesn’t make sense to me.”

She added that the rescue is looking for people who can groom dogs and that this may be an option for people who people may not know will suit their lifestyle.

“We have a trucker who loves grooming, and this dog has traveled to many states in the truck and has the time of his life,” said Rinaldi. “Everything fits. We probably have a match with you at Detroit Dog Rescue.

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