Detroit-based Impact Network is educating about COVID-19 with vaccination drive and documentary series

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  • The Impact Network has partnered with the City of Detroit, the Detroit Health Department and Great Faith Ministries International to conduct a collaborative COVID-19 vaccination campaign.

COVID-19 cases are increasing in Michigan, but there are many ways to get a vaccine and many are taking steps to comfort and educate people about it.

One of them is The Impact Network, the largest 100% privately owned African American inspirational television network, which recently announced a partnership with the City of Detroit, the Detroit Health Department and Great Faith Ministries International for a collaborative COVID-19 vaccination campaign perform.

There is also a vaccine awareness campaign conducted by the founders of the Impact TV Network and senior pastors of Bishop Wayne T. Jackson and Dr. Beverly Y. Jackson is supported by Great Faith Ministries.

The program began on March 20, 2021 and is expected to last a total of eight weeks when recipients return for their second dose.

“Much of the African American community was deeply rooted in suspicion about communications and the media, wondering whether or not they wanted to get the vaccine,” writer, producer and director Royal Jackson told The Metro Times.

Due to overwhelming social injustices, many asked if they could trust the health system when they couldn’t trust other pillars of society.

“We provided information so that people can make their own decisions about the vaccine,” says Jackson.

In addition to providing vaccinations, the event will also serve as a backdrop for the pilot episode of Covid in Color in Impact Network’s documentaries, which examines the response to the pandemic in color communities. The series will “[explore] the pandemic from a cultural perspective and the central role faith-based partnerships play in restoring community, “read a press release.

“COVID-19 may be a physical virus, but it is also a social evil that will plague black and color communities in the future,” says Jackson. “Covid in Color arose from what it looks like and what recovery looks like.”

Prior to the Covid In Color franchise, The Impact Network launched the Overcome Covid initiative, which coincides with the increased availability of vaccines and the city’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic recently announced by Mayor Mike Duggan.

Although the vaccination event is halfway over and many have already returned for their second dose, efforts will continue while Impact Network develops the documentation.

In addition to the documentaries, Impact Network has also launched the national communication program Communities of Color Covid 19.

“This is a program in which we are trying to bring together all of the various fragmented movements that are taking place in other parts of the country, like Al Sharpton’s Choose Healthy Life, and reinforce them by curating their messages and retransmitting them to that Audience through Impact Network, ”says Jackson.

The first chapter in the series will be published this spring on the Impact Network and online. Future episodes “will examine the social, emotional, physical, and economic aspects of the pandemic on color communities, particularly the African American community.”

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