Detroit Artist Opens Lansing on My Mind Exhibition in Downtown

LANSING, Michigan – An artist from Detroit is assembling an exhibition entitled “Lansing on My Mind” in the Knapp building in downtown Lansing for the next three weeks.

“I’m a mixed media artist. I’m an artist who just believes in using my canvas and brushes to just create things and find the happy place, ”said Timothy Orikri, creator of Lansing on My Mind.

Orikri’s love for art began at the age of 17.

“When I was in boarding school, I met a wonderful art teacher and I was really naughty and foolish at the time and I said to her, ‘If you can do all of this, teach me,'” Orikri said.

Mikayla Temple, WSYM, 2021.

Orikri stands next to one of his paintings in the exhibition Lansing on my Mind.

He’s used to spending his time in Detroit, but after visiting the capital, he decided to spend more time here.

“I have a friend who lives here and every time I visit I feel like I should be exploring,” Orikri said. “I came here from 2011 to 2015 to do exhibitions right in the governor’s mansion.”

The more he explored, the more inspired he became.

“I felt like I was doing myself a disservice by skipping over the city’s unique landmarks and not creatively absorbing them,” Orikri said.

Mixed media

Mikayla Temple, WSYM, 2021.

Orikri is a mixed media artist, which means that some of his paintings contain materials to make the art 3D. In this painting, Orikri used a brush and macaroni pasta.

So he took a paintbrush and collected unique materials like cigarette butts, macaroni and pistachio shells to create art of the capital.

“I’m trying to make people see Lansing through my eyes,” he said.

Orikri made some familiar faces like Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Downtown Lansing Inc. Executive Director Cathleen Edgerly.

Familiar faces

Mikayla Temple, WSYM, 2021.

Orikri painted some of the people who represent Lansing, including Downtown Lansing Inc. Executive Director Cathleen Edgerly.

Other pieces are well-known places like the State Capitol, the Boji Tower clock and the three chimneys on the Lansing Board of the Eckert power plant by Water & Light.

“I had to pick five cool buildings that were traditionally cool landmarks in the city and I call them the Lansing Five,” Orikri said.

Orikri said he wants it to inspire people.

Washington Avenue.

Mikayla Temple, WSYM, 2021.

Orikri painted iconic locations in downtown Lansing such as Washington Avenue.

“This place is creatively vital, wonderful. It has a unique artistic feel to it so I hope people take it upon themselves and create collections of ‘Lansing on My Mind’, ”Orikri said.

And he wants to help people who may have lived in Lansing all their lives to see the city in a unique way.

“I think art should in a way preserve the history of the local and offer something to look back on in this rapidly changing world,” he said.

Butterfly painting

Mikayla Temple, WSYM, 2021.

This is one of two paintings Orikri donates to Sparrow Hospital.

Two of the pictures will be donated to Sparrow Hospital.

The exhibition is open from Friday to Monday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and lasts until November 29th.

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