Charging decision to be reached in 2020 Detroit police shooting of Hakim Littleton

DETROIT – Prosecutors are expected to announce Wednesday whether there will be any indictment on Detroit police officers involved in the fatal shooting of a civilian in 2020.

Wayne County Prosecutors are expected to announce Wednesday whether charges will be brought against officials involved in the fatal shooting of Hakim Littleton, 20, on July 10, 2020 in the McNichols Road and San Juan Drive area west of Livernois .

Detroit police chief James Craig said officials were looking for a person who was involved in a July 4th shooting that injured five people and killed three others. Officers say that when they found their suspect, they were approached by another man. Somehow there was a fight going on and an officer sort of got hold of this man who was later identified as Littleton. Then officials say Littleton opened fire.


Littleton reportedly began firing multiple shots at the officer over his shoulder. When that happened the officer pushed him away, and then the extra officers, fearing for their lives, fired several rounds in which they met Littleton.

The 20-year-old man was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

After Littleton’s death, there were protests in Detroit over the shooting. The July incident occurred while protests were still going on in downtown Detroit against police brutality after a Minneapolis police officer knelt on the neck of George Floyd, a black man, and killed him in May 2020.

Protesters, as well as members of Littleton’s family, believed the 20-year-old’s death was unjustified and that non-lethal means should have been used to arrest him.


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In response to protests, the Detroit Police Department released body camera footage of the shooting in hopes of “fighting rumors about the incident spread on social media,” officials said.

Last year, in an interview with Local 4, DPD boss Craig showed his support for the measures his officials took in relation to the shooting. He believes the evidence contained in the published video deems it necessary.


“As you saw in the video, our officers were shot at. The next suspect was within two to three feet, pointing a gun at the officer’s head. This hero, who then ran quickly to try to try to mitigate violence, didn’t even get a chance to take out his gun, and he was concerned for his safety and the safety of his partners. And you’re asking me how we react to a situation like this, which was moving quickly and incredibly, ”said Craig.

Despite video evidence, Littleton’s brother Rashad Littleton-Schaefer refused to believe how the incident played out.

“I want Chief James Craig to stop lying because it doesn’t make sense. He said to the policeman, “Nice work.” And that’s not a good job in the city of Detroit, ”said Rashad.

Chief Craig has stood by his officers’ actions ever since.

“If you watch this video, the officer reacted appropriately,” said Craig. “It was certainly a threat to his own life and that of his partners.”


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