Cadillac Businesses Along M-115 Hope to Attract Visitors Passing Through With Carousel, Aesthetics

From the Cadillac Lofts to Splash Park, Downtown Cadillac has seen many new developments to draw people downtown.

Now, small businesses on the west side of Lake Cadillac are hoping to do the same by creating more fun opportunities along Michigan 115.

“There is a lot of good and exciting news in our community,” said Marcus Peccia, manager of Cadillac City.

Peccia says he’s proud of the region’s development over the past 12 years.

“I am very excited about the ongoing economic investments in our community, regardless of where they are taking place, whether they are in our downtown area or in our kind of garden resort on the west side of the city.”

Now the city wants to beautify and develop the west side of the Cadillac Lake along the M-115.

However, since most properties are privately owned, small businesses need to take the initiative.

“The area is immediately all state and private property. You know, there are certainly future opportunities for intergovernmental relationships and partnerships, ”says Peccia.

The Lake Cadillac Resort even set up a ferris wheel, carousel, and train to attract visitors.

Justice Walraven of Walraven Country Garden is hoping that more development in the area will keep people from just driving through.
“I think with as much traffic as we’re getting through here everyone goes to Traverse City and so on. I think that gives them a reason to stop here.”

The city recently established the Cadillac West Authority Board.

Chairman Shannon Hamner says the long-term goal is to beautify the area and help local businesses along the way.

“We don’t know exactly what this could look like, how it could be, it’s more like the aesthetic of it and it really attracts people to the area.”

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