Brother of man killed in shootout with Detroit police says family wants justice

Hakim Littleton’s brother says he is still being haunted by his death after a shootout with Detroit police.

“Sometimes I can’t sleep because I miss him so much that sometimes I cry myself to sleep,” said Rashad Littleton.

The brother of a man who died in a shooting with the police says his family deserves justice

Wayne County Attorney Kym Worthy plans to announce Wednesday whether charges will be brought against an officer involved.

Littleton was shot dead by police on San Juan Drive in Detroit after first drawing a gun and shooting police officers. The police reacted and fatally wounded him, with all DPD body cameras and dash cameras being caught.

But the shots involving officers immediately sparked protests on the streets of Detroit, until Police Chief James Craig, in a rare move, released the video in which Hakim Littleton first pulled out a gun and shot officers – thankfully missing -, before they returned fire.

Hakim Littleton was wounded five times, including one in the back of the head.

His brother remains upset with the Detroit police, saying the officers mistreated the situation. Police originally stopped at the scene to arrest Hakim Littleton’s friend on another case. The video showed Hakim Littleton, then drew a gun and opened fire.

“I don’t think he played a role, I suspect my brother’s attitude helps his friend,” said Rashad Littleton.

Wayne County Attorney Kym Worthy plans to announce Wednesday whether charges will be brought against an officer involved.

“You should get fired, lose your job, never work for a police station again,” said Littleton’s brother. “Chief Craig didn’t apologize to my mom at all. He basically did a good job for the cop when it comes to a black cop shooting another black person head-execution style, which is fatal if I am myself not crazy. “

On that day in July, protests calmed down after the surveillance video was revealed and suppressed rumors that had spread in the street and sparked tension.

Not long after, lawmakers and civil rights activists called for an independent and transparent investigation to determine whether the shooting was justified.

Meanwhile, his older brother Rashad says, along with Hakim’s criminal record, there has been “a lot of false information” about his released brother, including allegations that he was part of a gang.

Although the boss said the officers were only trying to protect themselves and others involved, Rashad Littleton believes his brother’s death could have been avoided.

“What DPD should have done that day if they had found something in my brother,” he said. “They should have handcuffed him, arrested him and then called my mother. And that would have been a closed case. Instead, they chose to use lethal force.”

Chef Craig said he is holding back a comment until Worthy makes her announcement tomorrow.

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