“Be prepared for scammers this Christmas season”

ANN ARBOR – The Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office issued a new warning warning residents of an increase in fraudulent calls during the holiday season.

Callers pretend to be local law enforcement officers, especially when it comes to fraud.

“Our office will never contact you to request payment for missed jury duties or a pending arrest warrant,” a statement said. “If you get one of these calls, it is a scam and you should hang up immediately.”

During these scams, the caller instructs the victim to buy gift cards and / or transfer money. To take care of the warrant, scammers instruct the victim to provide gift card numbers.

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“DO NOT send the numbers, transfer money or meet with the person to make the payment,” writes the Sheriff’s Office. “These scams may feel real, but they aren’t! Scammers use the real names of local police officers and can even “forge” the phone number to show the Sheriff’s Office on your Caller ID.


In some cases, scammers may even know personal information about the person they are calling.

For more information on how to spot these scams, see the Attorney General’s “If Not a Victim of Gift Card Fraud” consumer warning.

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