As Winter Weather Approaches, It May Be Time For Snow Tires

In winter weather it can be a good idea to have your tires checked or to make an appointment for the winter tires.

Experts say that braking and handling are vastly improved in harsh winter conditions compared to regular tires.

Serra Subaru in Traverse City says they have already been busy with winter tire appointments and are encouraging everyone to do so sooner rather than later.

“People tend to postpone it until the snow starts to fly. So when it really starts to fly and we have something that stays on the ground, we get even busier, ”said Carl Lyons of Serra Traverse City. “If you look, most of your accidents happen because you can’t stop within a certain time or distance, so the winter tires help a lot.”

9 & 10 News reached out to several other tire service companies as well, and they say they are all just as busy.

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