Another 718 students will lose access to the University of Michigan building for failing to complete COVID-19 tests

ANN ARBOR, MI – A second wave of University of Michigan students have lost access to non-residential buildings on campus for failing to meet COVID-19 testing requirements.

On April 12, email notifications were sent to 718 students who have not taken a COVID-19 test in four weeks or more or who have not saved a previous test and have recently used their Mcard on campus.

Students who live, work or study on campus, or have access to campus buildings, must take COVID-19 tests through UM’s Community Sampling and Tracking Program.

“Despite our excitement and optimism about the expanded eligibility and opportunities for COVID-19 vaccines, at this point in the pandemic, when we care for others, we must practice social distancing, mask wearing, routine testing, and others Proven Damage Control Strategies Continue Spreading the Coronavirus, “Robert Ernst, Assistant Vice President of Student Life for Health and Wellness and General Manager of the University Health Service, said in a statement.

In early March, 375 students were informed that they had lost access to non-residential buildings on campus because they had not received recent COVID-19 tests. Since then, 136 students have applied for and received clearance to reactivate their Mcard, and most students took a COVID-19 test to ensure compliance, according to the university’s Compliance and Accountability team.

375 students lose access to the building for failing to meet the University of Michigan’s COVID-19 testing requirements

Another 21 students applied for and received partial exemption and had their Mcards reactivated, university officials said.

With the help of public health experts, UM is planning more face-to-face events to help students engage more outside of the classroom and celebrate year-end milestones. Students in the 2021 class can watch their virtual opening ceremony at Michigan Stadium, and graduate photo opportunities are also available at the Big House.


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