According to information, mask usage is high on the University of Michigan campus

ANN ARBOR, MI – Large numbers of people on and around the University of Michigan campus – 94% – have been observed wearing masks, according to student researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The student researchers, whose observations were collected as part of a national project with the CDC, found that all but 7% of people wore the mask correctly over their mouth and nose. The observations have been made at 18 indoor and outdoor events over the past few weeks, according to the university report.

The data comes from 1,704 observations made on or near campus, including Michigan Medicine, February 8 through March 20.

During the observations on and near the UM campus, 98% of people wore masks indoors, while 87% wore them outdoors.

The observation period came after the CDC issued new guidelines for wearing masks, which highlighted multi-layer cloth masks and high quality disposable masks commonly used in medical facilities and recommended against single-layer, single-layer face coverings and gaiter-style face shields that were worn alone.

Overall, 53% of the people observed in Ann Arbor wore cloth masks, 35% wore disposable medical masks, and another 4% wore gaiters.

“This shows a strong sense of security and responsibility among the people we have observed. This is important to our local community in my opinion and as people choose to return to campus if they can,” said Tammy Chang. UM assistant professor of family medicine who leads the university team participating in the CDC project to monitor mask adhesion in colleges and universities.

The project, which is currently taking place in 60 locations across the country, recently reported results from a pilot project that was carried out last fall at six colleges and universities without UM.

The pilot showed that between September and November 2020, 91.7% of people were observed wearing masks correctly indoors.

Different types of masks were worn with varying degrees of effectiveness, with 98.8% of the N95 masks being worn correctly. Cloth masks were worn correctly in 92.2% of the observations, while bandanas, scarves and similar face coverings were worn correctly in 78.9% of the cases.


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