A stroll around Ann Arbor

Lately, I’ve been struggling to identify the line where work stops and calm begins. Prior to this year, I was able to segment my days by commuting down hallways or greeting new classmates, but with the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to affect traditional school structures, I can’t help but feel like mine Days gone unnoticed is a cycle in which Zoom polls and Instagram stories don’t seem much different.

Unfortunately, for the remainder of the semester, I am unable to close a pandemic or disperse online courses. On days when one more look at my computer screen is sure to lead to extreme frustration, I take a stroll around Ann Arbor.

Sure, busy classes have turned into painfully silent breakout rooms, and even the most enthusiastic professors have a subdued mood when they forget to “screen-share,” but one thing that keeps getting me excited is the varied atmosphere on the room Campus. Here are three of my favorite places in Ann Arbor that I want to visit on my daily walking tour.

  1. The square of the law

This is the perfect place to get by, especially when the weather is getting warmer. Leaving State Street and through the opening arches feels like entering a new world (Harry Potter vibes, anyone?), And there is a sense of calm floating through the air. Bonus points if you go later in the evening when the multitude of street lamps cast a warm light on the intricate architecture. Even on the busiest days, I know that a few minutes on the peaceful sidewalks at Law Quad will reinvigorate me with the belief that everything is as it should be.

  1. Thompson rooftop parking garage

A must for optimal sunset watching. Plus, looking at Ann Arbor from above is something that gives me a sense of a newfound perspective and power in my daily accomplishments. If you’re an avid people watcher, this is the perfect place to watch passers-by on Thompson Street, from new couples walking closely together to groups of friends discussing which bubble tea place is too frequent. Around 7 p.m. the air becomes a little clearer, and the pungent feeling of the breeze hitting my face, coupled with an indescribable mix of sunset colors, is the perfect end to any overwhelming day.

  1. The Court of Ross (School of Business)

I definitely never thought I’d say that, but somehow the words “horse” and “peaceful” are correlated in my head. No, thanks to the internship culture, but thanks to the Ross Courtyard for providing a moment of serenity in the seemingly endless movement of school and club work. The multitude of glass and terracotta creates an earthy environment, and traffic from nearby streets is never given a chance to enter through the courtyard wind tunnel. There’s an underground study area, lots of trees, and a general silence that is a rare treat for students walking the busy sidewalk of Tappan Avenue.

If you’ve been feeling like me lately, overwhelmed and desperate to escape the grip of a computer screen, talk about a stroll around Ann Arbor (or wherever you are!) And discover the hidden spots and ideal vantage points, on that you can re-center yourself day.

Columnist Marina Sun can be contacted at [email protected]

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