A Michigan reef over the Negroni

Listen to Tammy and Lester mix and match and he’ll try the Water Hill Negroni.

Michigan distilleries are expanding their offerings in many different ways, but recently the Ann Arbor Distilling Company has moved in a different direction than most.

No alcohol that was not produced by the distillery may be used in the distillery’s tasting rooms. That said, some have come up with their own products to mimic the ingredients of classic cocktails. Ann Arbor Distilling has taken this idea and is now selling it to the public. It’s called Water Hill Apertivo.

“This basically fits into the Aperol, Campari category, which is a brand new category for Michigan distilleries to produce and give them a lot more options in their tasting room,” said Tammy Coxen of Tammy’s Tastings.

But this Apertivo really doesn’t taste like Aperol or Campari. It’s a different taste, not so sweet and more herbal.

“It’s its own unique thing and it’s a really interesting thing,” said Tammy.

The Water Hill Apertivo uses 18 different herbs and plants, including hibiscus, sage, anise, clove, mint and mugwort. It’s less citrusy than Aperol or Campari, but there are references to grapefruit, orange, and grapefruit.

She decided to use the Apertivo in a drink based on a menu from the distillery called MI-Groni (a slice on a Negroni).

“A classic Negroni consists of gin, sweet vermouth and Campari in equal parts. And so is their MI-Groni Gin, Aperitivo and Cranberry Liqueur. I just picked up her raspberry liqueur and wanted to give my little spin instead, ”she said.

Tammy later confessed that she went with the raspberry before reading her notes suggesting that she should use cranberry liquor. Oops.

It was a happy coincidence because the drink was really good.

“I was just using normal Negroni proportions, so I made equal parts of the Spring Gin, Water Hill Aperitivo, and Raspberry Liqueur from Ann Arbor Distilling Company. And then I thought it just took something to top it off. So I did something they can’t and I threw in a shot of Angostura bitters too, ”she explained. There was also an orange set.

But cranberry sounds really good. So she mixed a small one without the Angostura bitter substances. Also very good, but definitely less sweet tasting. Feel free to experiment.

Negroni water hill

1 ounce Ann Arbor Distilling Spring Gin

1 ounce Water Hill Aperitivo

1 ounce Water Hill raspberry liqueur

1 shot of Angostura bitter

Garnish: orange twist

Combine the ingredients in a glass or can with ice. Stir very well and strain into an ice-filled stone glass. Garnish.

(For an MI-Groni Water Hill, use cranberry liqueur and leave out bitters.)

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