Families hold Lansing rally over COVID restrictions in government nursing homes

LANSING, me. (WYRT) – (04/02/21) – “Yes, there is a risk, but there is a greater risk in relation to loved ones dying from loneliness, families who cannot see their loved ones,” said Jaime Nicholson , resident in Michigan.

Jamie Nicholson’s fear of not being able to visit, touch, or comfort her mother Nancy in nursing homes due to the state’s COVID restrictions has seen thousands of families across Michigan in the past 12 months.

“For people like your mother and my mother who had Alzheimer’s, they are confused. And then some of them say: am I dying, what is happening, you know, and we can explain that, or the staff can explain that to you today and tomorrow, and you have the same fear again tomorrow. Or maybe it’s not tomorrow, maybe five minutes later, but several times a day. Because Alzheimer’s. Dementia is a disease that makes things worse for our loved ones, ”said Nicholson.

Because of this, according to Nicholson, it is time the governor and state eased these restrictions further, allowing families to be with loved ones – personally and more often. And Nicholson stands ready to take steps to ensure it does. With a rally on the steps of the state capital tomorrow morning.

“We need to make our voices heard so we can influence changes and policies in the state of Michigan so that families can be with loved ones in nursing homes today,” she said.

Jamie Nicholson’s mother passed away last month – but she and her father were able to have one final personal visit to say goodbye.

“And it is thanks to her that she gave me the spirit to help people, to care for them and to love them. And just as I grew up, that’s what I saw from her. I could give something back to her. Hopefully other families now, ”said Nicholson.

The “Save Our Seniors, Michigan” rally will take place on Saturday from 9 am in Lansing in the state capital.

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