Would Detroit Lions fans be willing to drop Goff for some Love?

Detroit Lions fans weren’t happy with Jared Goff’s game – to the point where they’d give Love a chance?

The Detroit Lions are the epitome of evil. Anything another NFL team can do wrong, Lions can make it worse. A difficult to anticipate season 2021 is simply a disaster.

Deciding what Lions’ biggest problem is is not easy. The offensive line, which was expected to be a strength, has been marred by injuries (although the left tackle Taylor Decker is on his way back). The defensive line didn’t live up to its reputation, the secondary is young and porous, the receivers were pedestrians at best, and the quarterback game was suspect.

Of all the problems the Lions had, Jared Goff was the most investigated. It’s pretty easy to tell if a passerby looks good or bad, and Goff was pretty bad. However, with the Patchwork Wide Receiver Corps and inconsistent pass protection, Goff’s bad game has factors outside of his realm.

Is love or something like that the answer for Lions?

That being said, sometimes a quarterback is just not good. Last Sunday, the Green Bay Packers’ explosive offensive fell asleep, with Jordan Love taking the helm instead of Aaron Rodgers. A Packer fan friend said to me, “It was like watching the Lions offensive.” Ouch.

It was hard to argue with that feeling. In addition to making mistakes based on inexperience, Love played a few games with his feet and even threw the ball across the field a couple of times. Goff has shown no willingness or ability to do any of these things. In the fourth quarter of last Sunday, Love found a certain comfort zone and looked OK.

Love wasn’t good enough to bring the Packers to victory over the Chiefs. But what he revealed might have caught the attention of Lions fans if there was a chance the Packers would do a full pivot and consider swapping Rodgers’ anointed heir.

Most Lions fans are trying to find a quarterback who could be a hidden gem in the 2022 draft class to be Goff’s obvious heir. There is no Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning or Trevor Lawrence in this draft class. If Love got out on the draft next April, chances are he’ll be the top rated quarterback.

There may be a hidden gem quarterback among the incoming class of signal callers. When General Manager Brad Holmes finds one, all of Detroit will be celebrating. But what love represents is something the Lions just don’t have right now as quarterback – potential with the exciting side of the unknown.

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