TVC Expands Infrastructure To Meet Passenger Needs

Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City is growing in the number of passengers it serves. In order to meet the demand, they are expanding their infrastructure.

The long-term parking space expansion project takes into account the need for more parking spaces as the number of passengers continues to rise.

“With record drives again this year, it is a good time to complete the expansion of this car park. It’s one of those projects that has been on our master plan since 2006 and it really shows that the community is taking advantage of the airport and there is a need to build that parking lot, ”said CEO Kevin Klein, Northwest Regional Airport Authority.

The project also includes new wayfinding systems and upgrading the lighting to city-compliant LED lights. This also includes the planting of 100 trees, twice the amount required by the building regulations, after the construction work has been completed.

The project, to be completed by Team Elders, will also reuse existing temporary parking material.

Construction work will begin in autumn and should be completed in May 2022.

An information event on the project took place on Friday afternoon at Cherry Capital Airport.

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