Traverse City Pool Businesses Prepare for Pause in Chlorine Manufacturing

The pool industry is seeing a shortage of chlorine tablets across the country.

Commercial and private pool owners have prepared for summer here.

Although Hurricane Laura hit last year, it is still affecting the pool industry this year.

This resulted in one of BioGuard’s chlorine production facilities burning down and companies like The Pool Doctor in Traverse City making sure they had enough chlorine for the entire season.

“As soon as we heard that the facility caught fire during last year’s hurricane, we placed an order,” said Mandy Jelinek, general manager of The Pool Doctor. “So we ordered enough to get us through spring and then we placed another order again last week.”

She says customers call daily to see if the store has chlorine in stock.

Jelinek says, “We’re trying to make sure we have most of our chemicals by early April. We start opening pools in the first week of April. So we need these products for our customers, who we maintain regularly. “

As a direct BioGuard dealer, The Pool Doctor has a fair range of products, but to keep it that way, customers can only buy one bucket at a time.

“We will make sure that our customers are supplied. To ensure that it lasts all season, we set a limit per customer, ”says Jelinek.

Other traders do the same.

Great Lakes Pool and Spa was only allowed to purchase the amount that last season had ordered.

“I can still get that. The suppliers try to limit it so that people who ordered from them last year can get it again this year, ”says the owner of the Great Lakes Pool and Spa. Victor Stephenson. “A lot of the trading companies I deal with are a little nervous that they’re going to run out – like the hotels and things like that. They try to order as much as possible to stock up. “

BioGuard does not expect chlorine production at its facility to resume until spring 2022.

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