Traverse City Police Receive Honor From Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission

Traverse City Police Department receives unusual recognition. You have just received an award that only 5% of Michigan law enforcement agencies have achieved.

The TCPD is one of only 30 departments (of over 600 agencies) in Michigan to have received the Michigan Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission award. Traverse City opened its books for a thorough review of the rules, regulations, and operational policies and procedures. You have met 108 standards for law enforcement agencies.

“Policies and procedures determine a professional agency,” said Jeff O’Brien, police chief of Traverse City. “It gives them direction, their guidelines. It will protect the community … It will give transparency to the community. “

For example, best practices include establishing a policy for officers to intervene in cases of excessive violence and establishing a policy that requires de-escalating a situation that may be hostile. Robert Stevenson is the executive director of the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police. He says, “Many of the things that are called for across the country in so-called police reform, this department has already done. There is already a directive requiring officials to intervene. There is already a policy in place that requires de-escalation. “

“Many of the things people across the country say that they want the police to say are already done voluntarily by the Traverse City Police Department,” added Stevenson.

Neal Rossow is the Director of Professional Development at MLEAC. He says, “I think the church should be very proud of the organization. because they meet state and national standards. “

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