The 9-hole pop-up golf course is located in Jackson Field in Lansing

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – It’s Masters Week 2021, and Lansing Lugnut officials have created the new Grand River Country Club that blends baseball with golf.

The 9-hole, 27-stroke pop-up golf course opens on Thursday April 8th and Sunday April 11th. The course will run around the stadium and last approximately an hour. It starts at the Pepsi porch and ends in the left field.

The course has a points system and on Sunday the officials will announce the first Red Blazer of the Grand River Country Club Championship.

A hole in one is worth 25 points, a ball on the green is worth 10 points, and a ball on the field is worth 2 points. All balls that land in the stands count as 0 points.

The golfer’s hole score is the total number of points scored from his three strokes on each tee and the person with the highest score from a completed 9-hole round is the champion.

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