GTPulse: slip.vintage Opens In Downtown Traverse City

Fashion is cyclical. The clothes that are trending now are likely to have had a long popularity in another time. Who sits in her newly opened vintage store surrounded by clothes dating back to 1910 and knows more about cyclical fashion than Katie Asher?

“The problem with people who wear vintage is that as you get older … fashion is cyclical. It just keeps spinning, it keeps repeating itself. So at some point you will reach a point in your life where you feel old, ”she laughed.

I’m a big fan of second-hand things. They’re cheaper in price, more environmentally friendly than fast fashion, and you can find a wider variety of interesting styles. The funny thing about thrift is that it really shows off your own style instead of being swayed by current developments in fashion stores. Katie is a seasoned thrifter and curator of vintage clothing. I wrote a previous newsletter on Instagram about how she built her thriving vintage business slip.vintage.

While we were first talking, she discussed her love for all things vintage and how the store came down to the fact that she couldn’t do without a good find, whether it was her size or not. At the end of this conversation, I asked her what was coming next and she told me how she was hoping to get into her own shop. Less than a year later, she achieved just that.

Art-filled walls, woven rugs, a dining table, and well-proportioned clothes racks make the downtown Traverse City store like a friend’s fashionable apartment. Big reason she wanted a shop front to call home for slip. Vintage is place.

“I had to get all of these clothes out of my house. Every day two blue Ikea bags were full. Pete would come home and there would be clothes draped all over our couch and bedroom. It was too much and it was difficult to stay organized without the separate room. “

She will continue to sell clothing from Slip.vintage Instagram, but now local customers can pick up their purchased items if they don’t want to wait for shipping. It also gives her space to do private shopping appointments and get more contact with shoppers in the city center. Slip.vintage is located in the Front Row Center building on East Front Street. The building is home to some nice shops and Katie is looking forward to bringing more pedestrian traffic into the business center.

You can expect to find whatever genre of vintage clothing you want. Jeans, dresses, tops, t-shirts, skirts, pants and more stretch over the decades. Now that she has room, Katie plans to put vintage homeware on sale. She also plans events.

“I’ll start in May and make a schedule for each month. I want to give an introduction to mending and learn how to handle your clothes. I want to do some figure drawing courses. We have a projection screen and I was thinking of showing old, classic fashion films like Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Even if you learned how to wear vintage so you don’t look like a costume, that would be cool. “

She describes her own style as a 1950s dad on vacation mixed in with the 70s. She’s all for old trends getting new again, with the exception of low jeans.

“I’m not going back, I refuse. I don’t care what happens to the bottom of the pants, straight, thin, flared, whatever. But I don’t wear anything lower than an 11-foot rise. “

Visit her on Instagram @ slot.vintage or in person at 121 E. Front Street, Suite 108, Thursday through Saturday from 11am to 5pm and Sundays from 11am to 2am. You can book private appointments on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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