TART Hosts 13th Annual Winter Trails Day

TART Trails hosted their 13th annual Winter Trails Day on Saturday. A few local businesses volunteered their time to help make this event happen. TART tells us they offered “free fat tire bike demos” at the event and that these bikes are “provided by Brick Wheels and Suttons Bay Bicycles.

Brick Wheels is just one of these businesses that has been volunteering their time at this event for years. They tell us they will be helping” signing people in, helping them decide what they want to do. How long they want to go for. Help them choose what kind of bike is right for them. size them, make sure they fit. And get them out maybe give them a few tutorials on how to ride.”

All the volunteers out who came out love these trails and all the winter sports that Traverse City has to offer. Brick Wheels says that “finding your passion in doing something you love like this helps you connect to the community you’re in but also helps drive person growth and health.” So they are more than happy tp be part of TART’s event and introduce some new people to the sport.

The turn out was great this year! TART shares with us that this “event gets bigger and bigger each year.” They believe that “as people learn about the four seasons of fun that Northern Michigan has, they’re more interested in coming out and spending time in the woods and learning how to fat tire bike.”

With so many people coming out, Brick Wheels, along with other businesses, hope people enjoy their fun and free trail biking experience and come stop by their shops and buy a bike of their own!

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