Steelers’ T.J. Watt Injured in Costly Tie Against Detroit

Cleveland Browns: Mayfield says something is wrong in Cleveland

Baker Mayfield left Sunday’s game with a bruised knee but looked even more injured after the Cleveland Browns lost 7-45 to the New England Patriots.

The Browns (5-5) wouldn’t make the playoffs if they started today and have been held to 17 points or less in four of their last five games. Chosen by many to win the AFC North ahead of the season, the Browns falter and Mayfield is nuts.

“The loss is the worst part,” Mayfield told The Associated Press. “We thought we were in a better place now, but we are not. If you sit here at 5-5, something is obviously wrong. We have to find out and fix it.”

The Browns were in high marks last week after a 41-16 clubbing by the Cincinnati Bengals, but the Patriots got them back in a hurry. The Browns have lost four of their last six games.

Mayfield was already playing with an injured, non-throwing shoulder and hobbled off the field on Sunday shortly after being fired from former Ravens outside linebacker Matthew Judon.

“Just an uncomfortable hit and landing,” said Mayfield. “I have to find a way to get as healthy as possible. I’m pretty exhausted right now.”

The offense fought before Mayfield (11 for 21, 73 yards, two sacks, one interception) left late in the third quarter and Case Keenum ended the game. Head coach Kevin Stefanski said Mayfield could have gotten back into the game but it didn’t make much sense as the Browns are already 31-7 behind. The Browns expect Mayfield to play in week 11 when they face Detroit.

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