Sofas and mattresses burn in East Lansing after the Michigan State victory

East Lansing – Just minutes after the Michigan state’s grand victory over rival Michigan on Saturday, couch burning began on the streets of East Lansing when the city’s fire department confirmed over 20 fires at 5:55 p.m. and a video showed one Car was turned over.

People posed with burning sofas, either for selfies or photos of friends. Cars passing a fire had to maneuver around the couch, and sometimes the students themselves.

According to the East Lansing Fire Department, the incidents are unlikely to cause any harm to the public as fans set fire to discarded mattresses and couches that would otherwise be rubbish.

“The only damage to this is road closures,” said a ministry official who refused to be identified.

Firefighters responded to fires at the Cedar Village Apartments near Bogue and East Grand Village Streets, near student and apartment buildings like Oakhill and the Abbott, and on Stoddard Avenue and Gunson Street.

On the corner of Harrison and Michigan Avenues, thick black smoke could be seen blocks away. Some people, including Jaquan Kincaid, 19, briefly joined a chant against Michigan’s trainer Jim Harbaugh when the couch burned.

“They think they are better,” said Kincaid. “But they are not. They have never been in the playoffs.”

Michigan State has participated in a national playoff game, but UM has not played in any since the College Football Playoff National Championship began in 2014.

Another fire was in Center and Elm.

Several Spartan fans said a couch would likely have burned whether the team won or lost.

“Just college kids having fun,” said Kincaid.

One spartan fan, seeing the concern on viewers’ faces, said, “Oh, don’t worry. It’s just a couch they burn. “

Minutes later, an East Lansing Fire Department vehicle drove towards the fire.

A couch on a street in East Lansing burns a few minutes after the Michigan state win.

As of 8:20 p.m., there were no new fires in areas where the East Lansing Fire Department had reported fires. The ministry also confirmed that there were no new activities to report.

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