School officials could be summoned into the Ann Arbor caretaker’s reparation negotiation

ANN ARBOR, MI – A hearing will determine how much reimbursement an Ann Arbor Public Schools caretaker, who is at the center of allegations in a lawsuit filed by an elementary school principal, must pay under a non-compete clause in a case alleging he nearly stole $ 25,000 from the district.

Willie Joe Johnson, 63, of Belleville, is due to hold a redress hearing in Washtenaw District Court on June 17 after a hearing he attended Thursday, April 22, was adjourned.

If an amount is agreed during the reparation hearing, a conviction could follow immediately, Judge Karen Quinlan Valvo said. Johnson’s attorney and the district attorney are currently trying to determine a reasonable amount of reimbursement that Johnson will have to pay in addition to the length of his probationary period.

Johnson’s attorney Delicia Coleman Morson said she was drafting an appeal against prosecutors ahead of a preliminary investigation scheduled for earlier this month. Johnson is currently undergoing chemotherapy for advanced cancer, and the procedure has put a strain on his health. Johnson’s plea does not include jail time.

“Given Mr. Johnson’s health and the concerns of everyone involved, we believe this is a satisfactory solution to that matter,” Coleman Morson told MLive of the non-competitive submission.

Speaking at the hearing, Coleman Morson said she plans to summon multiple witnesses to get a better sense of the discrepancy the defense and prosecutors have over the number of hours Johnson worked and what he ended up doing was paid.

Coleman Morson said she could not produce a list of witnesses for the redress trial until presented to prosecutors, but noted that people who “signed out” on Johnson’s time sheets had “checked out” including an “ex-headmaster” and several others People “are expected to receive summonses.

While this seemed to refer to former Lawton primary school principal Shannon Blick, Coleman Morson said she was not sure if Blick would be among the summons, although she acknowledged that on the season tickets she was “definitely the one who was has unsubscribed “.

“I don’t know if she will have any evidence, especially given her federal lawsuit,” she said.

Johnson is employed by the contractor ABM, which oversees the Ann Arbor Public Schools. He is named in a lawsuit filed by Blick, who received paid vacation from the district in April 2019.

Johnson was charged with theft in Washtenaw County’s 14A District Court last March for faking between $ 1,000 and $ 19,999. As part of the plea agreement, Johnson’s charge was reduced to a false fraud charge of between $ 200 and $ 1,000.

Blick’s lawsuit alleges Johnson stole nearly $ 25,000 in four years, and the district planned to hold her accountable. The criminal complaint claims the theft took place between October 1, 2014 and February 21, 2019.

Exhibits in the federal lawsuit filed last June alleges Blick approved payment of Johnson wages as a dining room agent, in addition to wages he earned through the ABM Custodial Company.

A summary of the investigation submitted by the school district to the Ann Arbor Police Department found that Johnson had received $ 24,879 from the district since Blick hired him as the dining room supervisor in October 2014 until he moved out of the February 2019 Position has been removed.

During that time, AAPS said Johnson filed time cards claiming he worked as lunch manager up to four hours a day during the same eight-hour shift he was paid by ABM as custodian at Lawton Elementary.

Ann Arbor Public Schools filed a police report on July 24, 2019 relating to the alleged incident at the Ann Arbor Police Department, the day after a file request from The Ann Arbor News / MLive found evidence of a criminal investigation into the Districts searched were prior request under the Freedom of Information Act.

Blick’s attorney, William G. Tishkoff, filed the federal lawsuit on July 20, 2019 alleging that Lawton District Human Resources Director Shonta A. Langford, Lawton Elementary School Assistant Principal Taneia Giles, and others worked together to bring about Blick To force resignation. The pending lawsuit includes the district, Board of Education, Superintendent Jeanice Swift, Assistant Superintendent Dawn Linden, retired Administrator Michael Madison, and legal advisor David Comsa.

Tishkoff could not be reached for comment on this story. Andrew Cluley, spokesman for Ann Arbor Public Schools, said the district “does not address personnel matters.”

Several claims that Blick’s vacation was racially discriminatory were dismissed in February by U.S. District Judge Stephanie Dawkins Davis, who ruled that Blick ultimately failed to provide sufficient facts to show that she was suffering from a negative employment measure.

Judge Davis, however, did not reject Blick’s allegation of violating their rights to freedom of expression, petition and assembly against the district and the defendants in the lawsuit.


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