Riverside Grand Rapids park could have barrier-free kayak launch by summer 2022

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Riverside Park in Grand Rapids is close to an accessible kayak launch, a fourth picnic hut, bathroom renovations, and more.

On Tuesday morning, October 12th, Grand Rapids commissioners issued the first approval for a construction contract that allows these park improvements to run until around spring or summer 2022.

The $ 985,000 contract includes previous drafting work and is expected to be finalized by a broad vote of approval at the commission meeting at 7:00 p.m. Tuesday.

Approximately $ 835,000 of the funding will come from the city’s Parks Millage Fund and the remaining $ 150.00 from a grant from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Construction is scheduled to start in autumn this year.

The plans for the 64-acre park along the Grand River on Monroe Ave. NW 2001 includes improvements to the sports field, a new picnic shelter, a renovated bathroom building, updated tables, benches and grills throughout the park, a new concrete walkway, and more.

They also demand an accessible kayak launch in the lagoon region in the middle of the park, which is connected to the Grand River. It would be the city’s first accessible kayak launch.

Accessible kayak starts are designed to make it easier for everyone, including people with disabilities or mobility aids, to get on and off. The floating docks are equipped with guard rails, steps and a platform for lowering into the boat.

“I got the chance to try my first accessible kayak launch in Allegan, Michigan. They have one there on the Kalamazoo River, ”said Kurt Reppart, commissioner of the first community, to his colleagues on Tuesday. “It’s pretty cool. It was very easy to navigate.”

Riverside Park currently has a boat launch, in addition to a number of sports fields, paved paths, picnic areas, a fishing pier, and more.

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