Rep. Tlaib’s tweets about police ‘disgusting’

DETROIT (AP) – A Michigan Congresswoman said the police fatally shooting a young black man near Minneapolis was not an accident and evidence of racism.

“This was a tragic incident and it should never have happened,” said Chief James Craig, who is Black. “But when these tragedies happen, you shouldn’t just turn your entire job upside down.”

Rashida Tlaib, a Democrat from Detroit, shared her thoughts on Twitter about the shooting of 20-year-old Daunte Wright in the Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. Police said a white officer mistakenly fired their gun instead of a taser Sunday.

“It wasn’t an accident,” wrote Tlaib. “Police work in our country is inherently and deliberately racist. Daunte Wright was confronted with aggression and violence. I’m done with those who condone government sponsored murder. No more police work, imprisonment and militarization. It cannot be reformed. “

Craig said Tlaib’s tweets were “a gross knee-jerk response”. Detroit’s population is roughly 80% black.

“Saying the police should be phased out doesn’t take into account the people in our neighborhood who rely on the police to provide services,” Craig told The Detroit News. “What is happening to these people? What about the victims?

“The people who live in our city don’t want to abolish the police, so the million dollar question is: Who does (Tlaib) represent?” he said.

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