Police recover stolen items from ‘chop store’ on Lansing’s east side

LANSING — Police say they’ve recovered numerous apparently stolen items from what they called a “chop shop” operating on the city’s east side.

The operation was located in the 300 block of South Pennsylvania Avenue, according to a Lansing Police Department press release. A chop shop is a site where stolen vehicles are taken apart and their parts sold or used to repair other vehicles.

Public Information Director Jordan Gulkis declined to say when or how police recovered the items.

“As of right now, that’s all the information we’re releasing,” Gulkis said.

Among the items recovered from the location were two firearms, seven vehicles, two trailers and “dozens of stolen tools.”

Officers from the Lansing Police Department and Michigan State Police’s Fugitive Team arrested one person, the release said. Gulkis declined to release the individual’s age, gender or charges.

She did not say whether the people whose stolen possessions were recovered will get them back.

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This article originally appeared on Lansing State Journal: Police find stolen vehicles, trailers at ‘chop shop,’ per news release

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