Pheasants Forever Holds Third Annual Women’s Pheasant Run

On Saturday, Pheasants Forever hosted their third annual Women’s Only Pheasant Run.
At Meemo’s farm, women go out in groups and hunt their prey with a guide dog.
Andrea Bogard is an experienced pheasant hunter from Traverse City.
Bogard says, “We are so blessed to have an organization like Pheasants Forever and Quails Forever who see the importance of women getting out there together and enjoying it as a community.”
She says her favorite part about the hunt is the group of people that show up.
“It’s a group of dynamic women. You have mothers, wives, grandmas, daughters. Hunting with women is incredible, ”says Bogard. “Every time you go hunting with a group of people you don’t know, especially women, you make lifelong friends. It’s such a cool experience. “
This event also attracts newcomers.
“I’ve never hunted pheasants before. I’ve done trap shooting in the past. I’m sure it will be very different, ”says Katie Selesky, the first female pheasant hunter.
She says this hunt gave her something to look forward to.
“There is nothing else to do but be outside. So I thought it would be a great opportunity and I got in my car and came here today. I’m really glad I did, ”said Selesky.
Other hunters are just trying to shoot their first bird.
Bogard says, “I have some fantastic pheasant recipes. So the end product is really important. Cast iron pheasant cake, there is nothing better. “
Pheasants Forever says they are already planning the Women’s Only event for next year.

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