Man accused of beating teenagers in Ann Arbor parking lot, which was sentenced to jail

ANN ARBOR, MI – An Ann Arbor man who assaulted a 15-year-old boy in a parking lot and sent the teenager to the hospital is rushed to jail.

Keith Delamore Newbern was sentenced to 29 months to 10 years in prison by Washtenaw County’s trial judge Patrick Conlin on Monday March 22 after agreeing to follow a consent form to put him at the bottom of his parole list Sentencing Guidelines.

Newbern, 21, did not advocate assault on Feb. 8 with intent to cause bodily harm, court records show.

“I let go of my impulses,” Newbern said in court and apologized to the victim. “I know it could have been different. (The argument) could have been resolved without violence. “

Serious teenage boy after being beaten in Ann Arbor parking lot

His defense attorney, Gina Noveskey, told the court that Newbern’s diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder contributed to the events that led to his arrest in October.

Newbern was arrested and charged with flogging two 15-year-old boys in a parking lot on the 2500 block of Jackson Avenue on October 26, according to the Ann Arbor Police Department.

The police were called to the parking lot at around 3:15 p.m., where they found the two teenagers. One suffered minor injuries while the other appeared to have a significant head injury and passed out, police said.

The badly injured teenager was taken to CS Mott Children’s Hospital for treatment. He has since been released, police said.

Detectives investigating the attack found a video posted on social media showing Newbern and another suspect, a teenager, allegedly attacking the couple and stomping one teen in the head 12 times before escaping, police said.

Investigators said they don’t believe the attack was accidental. Detectives determined that there was an ongoing conflict between the two groups that involved an incident from more than a year ago, police said.

No charges were brought against the youth because his role in the attack appeared to be minimal, police said.

Newbern has not been credited with any of the days he has been in jail since his arrest.

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