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TRAVERSE CITY – Makeena aims to make the world a better place through a series of small decisions.

The audience at TCNewTech’s Pitch Night also made a small choice.

Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Makeena was selected to win the $ 500 prize at this month’s pitch night on May 4th. Makeena CEO and Founder Karen Frame pitched an app that works in the natural products industry valued at $ 252 billion.

Makeena is a “B-certified loyalty platform that rewards consumers with incentives to make” better “purchases while providing brands with real-time insights and data for shoppers …” according to a release by TCNewTech.

“We want everyone on this big, beautiful planet to find and afford healthier food and environmentally friendly products in an easy way,” says the company description on “So we created an app that instantly connects you to better decisions – products that are better for your health, better for your life, and oh yes, better for the planet.”

Makeena worked with Nick Beadleston, founding partner of Good Impacts in Traverse City, to become a Certified B Corporation.

Makeena surpassed two other entrepreneurs for the Pitch Night award.

Entrepreneurs give a 5-minute presentation about their start-up, followed by a 5-minute question-and-answer phase. At the end of the event, which will be broadcast live on TCNewTech’s Facebook and YouTube pages, an online audience will vote the winner.

Other attendees at the May 4 event were Brad Basar, High Street Data, of Elk Rapids, and Brent Massey, CEO of Ridar Systems in Palmer, Massachusetts.

According to a press release from TCNewTech, High Street Data is “the first cloud-based platform that offers the cannabis industry the proven power of insight communities”. Ridar Systems is a cloud-based mobile system that, according to its website, “runs in the background and verbally notifies the driver when a (two-wheeled) driver is approximately five seconds away from the driver’s location” to prevent accidents.

For the second month in a row, TCNewTech performed Pitch Night in the Catch app.

The next TCNewTech Pitch Night will take place on the first Tuesday of the month and is planned for June 1st at 6 p.m.

Apply at or contact Jennifer Szunko, Executive Director of TCNewTech, at [email protected]

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