Local dishes: Moon-Sky’s cheesesteak truck hurls easy, hearty sandwiches

SCIO TOWNSHIP – Ann Arbor’s burgeoning food truck scene has another addition – this brings a Philly classic within easy reach of the city’s west side.

The owner Blue Moon-sky Wilson – the food truck after his middle name – started his own business last October after years of experience in the restaurant business, operating a Hoagie slinging food cart and working in Izzy’s Hoagie Shop on Stadium Boulevard. Wilson, who was born and raised in Ann Arbor, said he has always wanted his own business and sees the food truck as the first step towards opening a stationary location once the pandemic has subsided.

Moon-Sky’s was originally set up in the Lessors Welding Supply parking lot on Jackson Road, but as the lunchtime service grew beyond the small property, he was able to land a contract with Mark Smith, who owns MI headquarters, on their large parking lot nearby the eye-catching yellow spherical sculpture on Wagnerstrasse.

Since then, he’s been throwing uncomplicated sandwiches and french fries piled high with freshly grilled, thinly sliced ​​steak and fresh cheese sauce.

“I really wanted to keep it simple,” said Wilson. “Just kind of known as a cheesesteak place.”

The steak consists of 100 percent ribeye, thinly sliced, with Wilson’s homemade “Cheeze Whiz”, which he makes from scratch without processed cheese. Customers can add green peppers, banana peppers, hot cherry peppers whole or as a relish, mushrooms and onions, and also substitute different types of freshly shredded or sliced ​​cheese. It’s all served on an authentic Philly-style Italian bun with a side of french fries, and for a little extra you can give your french fries the cheese steak treat too.

According to Wilson, the food truck model offered a faster, cheaper way to get his restaurant business up and running during the pandemic, and it has worked well for diners too. The truck has built a rush for lunch thanks to the strength of regular customers, but it has also managed to keep things away quickly, safely, and socially, with buzzers that customers can use to wait in their cars while their food is being ordered is prepared. The buzzers are disinfected each time they are used.

“Instead of going to a restaurant and standing around and waiting with a few other people, you can sit in the comfort of your car while we make your food,” said Wilson.

Moon-Sky’s is located on MI-HQ, 600 S. Wagner Rd. In Ann Arbor. The opening times are Monday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Tuesday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The restaurant uses a buzzer system so customers can order at the window and wait in their cars while their food is cooked to order.

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