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The true legacy of Traverse City

The Record Eagle guest forum on Saturday commented on the FishPass lawsuit. The author is the proud owner of the construction business waiting to build the $ 20 million project. He called FishPass a “legacy” for his business.

I agree that the FishPass suit is a legacy, but not a legacy from construction companies, $ 20 million, or economic development. The Legacy edition of FishPass is about city residents’ right to vote in the disposal of parkland.

Traverse City’s ancestors and early developers thought parks were so special that they needed special protection. They had a harder struggle for economic survival than we did, but they wrote a constitution – the city charter – that says that no part of a park can be disposed of by “contract, lease or negotiation” without 60 percent of the vote.

In contrast to this legacy of parkland protection, modern city officials regularly decide to exchange a piece of city parkland for a few pieces of silver and try to end the voting obligation. That’s what the FishPass lawsuit is about.

When will City Hall understand Traverse City’s greatest legacy – the right to vote to protect community parks?

Grant Parsons

Traverse City

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