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Everyone needs a park

“Then and Now” is a small poster across from the Post Office on Union Street. The poster features one of the earliest photos of Traverse City and shows the first Union Street Bridge under construction. The photo shows the river back then – after the land had been cleared without trees standing and tree trunks floating in the river, nothing passed the bridge but dirt. It is sad. No bushes. No grass.

If you stand there in the present now, you will see Traverse City with beautiful trees and a beautiful river. I live downtown, and one of my favorite destinations is the Boardman River Dam and the park that adjoins it. I drive there with my electric wheelchair. I can approach the river, see it flow, sort my thoughts and be at peace.

You have to feel good when you see people happy, go out and enjoy life. A family spreads a blanket and shares a meal, children fish, a toddler plays on the lawn and looks at a small clover flower or watches a mother duck with all her babies one behind the other. The park is an escape from everyday life.

We need the park and the trees, the comfort and the tranquility that you can feel in this wonderful place.

Pierre Odum

Traverse City

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