Jaden Hill selection at third would keep LSU pipeline active

The Detroit Tigers have to weigh the options when it comes to who to pick with the third overall pick in the 2021 MLB Draft. Louisiana State University (LSU) starting pitcher Jaden Hill has caused some drafts, leaving him near the top of the leaderboard.

While I wrote yesterday that the Detroit Tigers should try adding a batsman to play the devil’s advocate, Hill deserves a look too. Well, the thing about Hill is that there is some connection from one Tigers team to another.

LSU Tigers head coach Paul Mainieri and Detroit Tigers general manager Al Avila have their own connection as they are. With that in mind, the Tigers have seen some LSU players wandering into the big leagues.

Given that connection and the incredible rise of Jaden Hill, there is a very plausible feeling that Hill will at least get a look at it from the Tigers Scouting Department. Hill has been great for LSU and does great things. He more than deserves draft looks, especially when he brings that dominance back on track on the hill.

The Detroit Tigers could check Jaden Hill to keep the LSU pipeline alive in the 2021 MLB draft.

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The 21-year-old right-handed man has already been drafted and selected from high school by the St. Louis Cardinals who took a chance on him in the 38th round.

Hill recognized his commitment to playing for LSU Tigers, where he has spent the past three seasons mowing clubs.

Hill is a tall righty who stands 6-foot-4 and weighs 234 pounds. He’s a four-pitch guy with fastball, cutter, slider and change.

He has rightly attracted attention. In 2021, Hill made five starts where he has an ERA of 5.18 which may not be the most ideal. his stuff speaks for itself.

Hill had been without a light for the past two years, knocking Hill out with only 11.2 innings in 2020, but had not allowed a run up to that point, hit 17 opposing thugs and shown a whip of .51.

At Hill his stuff is loud. He’s one of those pitchers like Kumar Rocker that are noisy on the hill. His fastball was driven up to 98 mph and he lives in the mid-90s. He combines this fastball with a cutter who has a good life.

A good change and break from the loud fastball. His move is pretty disgusting too. The depth he gets on his fastball, which fades on the arm side, allows him to attack that outside edge with lefts in the box. He’s not afraid of attacking right-handed people with his move.

Hill’s stuff is impressive, and he’s going to get more drafts and keep eye-catching. The 2021 stats aren’t the most popular of his draft stocks, but the LSU-linked Tigers they have might very well be looking into Hill as the draft gets closer to inches.

I stand by my statement that the Tigers should take a hit, but Hill’s stuff is fascinating and should definitely be tossed around the Detroit Tigers front office if they are debating which way to go with the third overall.

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