Head of Broadway Grand Rapids stepping down

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Mike Lloyd will retire as Executive Director of Broadway Grand Rapids on December 31st.

Lloyd, who has headed the organization since 2010, said in a press release that January 2022 would be “the perfect time for a new tour” on Broadway Grand Rapids as it marks the start of a new season with “near-record season ticket sales”. ”

“COVID has tested the economic viability of performing arts organizations in communities large and small across the country,” Lloyd said. “It is unique and remarkable that as we prepare for the first curtain in 18 months, the Broadway Grand Rapids will hit its highest season ticket sales ever.”

Lloyd was the editor of Grand Rapids Press for 31 years before taking over the management of Broadway Grand Rapids.

In a press release, he was credited with helping transform Broadway Grand Rapids. He took over at a time when the organization was in debt over a million dollars, had “bad” season ticket sales, and served a city that was not a priority on touring.

Since then, Broadway Grand Rapids has expanded its ticket base and corporate sponsorship support, attracting high profile shows like Wicked, The Lion King and Hamilton.

“We have proven that West Michigan would be thrilled to accept these high-profile shows,” said Lloyd. “We have also proven that having a successful Broadway program is a powerful economic engine for our community. These tours brought people from every district in Michigan, from South Bend, from Windsor, from Indianapolis, Toledo, even from Chicago and Milwaukee to Grand Rapids. “

David Skidmore, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Broadway Grand Rapids, will chair a selection committee to find Lloyd’s successor.

When asked if there was a timetable for the search, Meghan Distel, Director of Marketing at Broadway Grand Rapids, said, “The process to replace Mike is not fully established.” And that “As more details become available, we will be you let know.”

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