Grand Rapids Volunteer Fire Department hosts drive-thru Easter event

GRAND RAPIDS, Wisconsin (WSAW) – The Grand Rapids Volunteer Fire Department felt they had to do something for Easter after their annual Easter egg hunt was canceled last year. Today they created a drive-through version of this event.

“It was exciting, she was jumping up and down and yes she was happy,” said Stephanie Haworth of her daughter.

This year’s Grand Rapids Fire Department Easter event had to be a little different than usual.

“We said, ‘Well, we have to do something. ‘The idea of ​​a drive through came up,’ said boss Robert Piatt.

As a result, cars were lined up bumper to bumper throughout Grand Rapids Lions Park. The loop was filled on the sides with emergency vehicles and first responders ready to greet the participants.

“Since we can do it that way, it’s a bit different than ever, of course, but it worked really well,” said Ben Holberg from the fire department.

Luke Suzda, who attended the event with his son and daughter, said they enjoyed the sights.

“He likes fire trucks, police. He was very excited for every light he saw. “

A long loop provided space for around 200 cars to fight their way through the event. After last year’s version was canceled, they knew this was important.

“I felt an obligation to do something to support the dealers who are supporting us and hold an event for the community,” said Chief Piatt.

“It is always important to us that we can thank you for the thank you,” said Holberg.

Vouchers and sweets were handed out, and even the Easter bunny appeared.

“She loves to see the Easter Bunny and she loves to see the ambulances and the patrol cars,” said Haworth.

“It’s good that the firefighters and local police got together and put this fun thing together for the kids. Because that’s exactly what this time of year is all about, “said Suzda.

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