Gaylord shut out in loss to Traverse City West

TRAVERSE CITY – Gaylord Football couldn’t do anything on the offensive as they were ruled 36-0 by Traverse City West on Friday night.

From the first ride it felt like Gaylord was going to be overwhelmed against a very talented Traverse City West team. The Titans scored in just three games and then ran successfully in a two-point conversion to get the Blue Devils into an 8-0 hole just a minute into the game.

The Blue Devils then made their first drive which resulted in a long and methodical drive from the Titans quarterback Brandon Konchek, which was completed with another touchdown and two-point conversion in less than a minute in the first quarter. The journey lasted about six minutes and brought Traverse City West 16-0 ahead.

The following drive for Gaylord led to a fumble and the Titans quickly conceded a third touchdown and at the end of the first quarter the Blue Devils were 22-0 behind.

The second quarter would begin with another fumble from the Blue Devil, which resulted in a fourth touchdown for the Titans to make it 29-0. Gaylord’s offensive would continue to struggle for the remainder of half, but the defense held up and that result would go to the locker room at half time.

Gaylord’s offense would result in a three and out in the second half, which would then result in a third Konchek touchdown. The 36-0 result of 9:22 in the third quarter would hold for the remainder of the game as the Titans drew up their reserves and the clock ran down for the remainder of the game.

The Blue Devils were overwhelmed in the trenches and some ball losses resulted in scores for the Titans. Gaylord stormed for just five yards in the game and passed for 13 as the offense had the toughest struggle this season.

Austin Vanderveer was able to make up for a fumble defensively and Brady Pretzlaff booked two sacks in team height. The defense was in poor positions throughout the game and although they didn’t play well, they could only hold Traverse City until the single touchdown in the second half.

Senior Austin Vanderveer dives into loose football and brings it back for Gaylord.

Gaylord has now lost three games in a row and has scored seven or fewer points in each of his five defeats this year. The Blue Devils are now 2-5 in the season with only two games left on the schedule.

The Blue Devils will play Gladstone on the street on Friday night to end their losing streak and get back on track.

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