Free dementia care webinars offered by the Ann Arbor Seniors Community

ANN ARBOR, MI – Free dementia care lessons are offered virtually by the Glacier Hills Senior Living Community.

The virtual private webinars of the Walter J. Weber Dementia Education Series begin on June 2nd with Teepa Snow, an expert in techniques for the care of dementias, and her team “Positive Approach to Care”.

The webinars continue monthly throughout the year.

Those interested can also take part in two-day private skills and small-group mentoring workshops for hands-on staff, as well as online group learning for advanced staff.

Weekly support groups are available throughout the series for family members whose loved one is experiencing cognitive decline. Participants are invited by Glacier Hills staff and scholarships are awarded to all participants.

The series will be offered free of charge because of the Weber family’s donation, officials said.

“The cooperation with his daughters and other important people has been very worthwhile. They are realizing their desire for families and caregivers to fully understand the disease and have the tools they need to maintain strong and meaningful relationships with their loved ones, ”said Becky Pazkowski, executive director of the Glacier Hills Foundation.

It is estimated that up to 70% of residents in a life plan community may experience cognitive decline. Glacier Hills officials said it was important that everyone was informed, trained and educated about the best approach to care and support for those suffering from the cognitive decline that leads to dementia.

Interested parties can register here.

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