Fires, vandalism in East Lansing following the MSU victory over Michigan

MSU fans destroy property

Some revelers vandalized East Lansing to celebrate Michigan State’s 34-31 victory over Michigan on Saturday. Photo credit: The State News on Storyful

Mattresses and couches burned and at least one car was knocked over on Saturday as some festivities spiraled out of control following Michigan state football victory over Michigan.

The campus newspaper The State News published photos and videos from student areas in East Lansing.

Shortly after the Spartans defeated the Wolverines 37-33 in a top 10 team bout, there was a significant police presence in the Cedar Village area.

“Let’s go guys. I have to go, “said the officers.

In Cedar Village, a Toyota SUV was badly damaged, the window panes blown and the vehicle turned upside down. The license plate was missing.

“Go green!” someone yelled as the windshield was repeatedly kicked.

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Screenshot of Storyful Video via The State News.

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