Editorial: Take the Healthy Drinking Culture survey | Opinion

We have all been to these parties. Maybe it started with a few close personal friends. Then these friends told their friends, and before the night was over, the living room couch blazed on the front lawn while 300 people danced around them.

Traverse City may be in an in-between phase, with friends telling friends about it, but the couch is still in the living room – and a group of government agencies want to keep the party from spiraling out of control.

The Downtown Traverse City Development Agency, the City of Traverse City and the Traverse City Police Department are developing a strategy for a healthy drinking culture and seek input on traditions, social behavior and social policies related to alcoholic beverages in the area.

In the anonymous survey with 20 questions you will be asked to describe the culture of the inner city, define healthy and unhealthy behaviors and rate possible areas for improvement. 824 people have already taken part in the survey that ends this Friday.

Alcohol culture is a complex issue that encompasses a large part of the physical and social territory, both imported and domestic.

Downtown bars are upset by the drunk wrongdoing, but that’s where the parties separate at the end of the night. Earlier drinking is woven into the fabric of a wedding, wine, and beer tourism destination. It’s part of our robust health and recovery, coupled with activities like yoga, kayaking, biking, and running. It fits our reputation as a foodie. It’s part of shopping cocoa crawls and holiday nights.

We do not believe that drinking responsibly is bad, and we do believe that our community can be safe, welcoming, and solemn.

But finding – and catching – the turning point when the fun gets wild will be a group effort. We need to measure the details of who and how party culture benefits from who and what we lose. We also need to ask ourselves whether we are recreational friendly and whether we put enough energy into treating and preventing substance abuse.

Before this Friday at 5:00 p.m., add your vote to the choir at https://healthierdrinkingtc.com/ and take part in the plan that will be presented to the DDA and city council.

Because we all went to these parties when it was more fun to attend as a host.

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