Dylan Larkin continues scoring surge after returning

The Detroit Red Wings are racing through the 2021-22 season and they look like a much better team than they have done in quite some time. It was a team that found ways to score goals and compete in games night after night.

Detroit Red Wings captain Dylan Larkin rose in 2021/22. Even after missing time for personal reasons, he’s come back and has been a tearful lately. Larkin’s week-long absence from the team wasn’t ideal and tough for Larkin himself, but he’s come back.

It may be out of this world, but it’s good to see the team captain find their way onto the scorers’ list and get things going. It bodes well for the rest of the players in this offense and the future of this team if Larkin can keep scoring goals and find a way to motivate the guys around him.

Since his return, Larkin has played in five games for Red Wings, where he has scored four goals and one assist. In his first game back, he could almost add another one, but a rolling puck slipped away from him as he had an empty net after defeating the Golden Knights netkeeper with a forehand-to-backhand move.

Detroit Red Wings captain Dylan Larkin has been in despair since his return.

Larkin has now played 13 games in the season in which he has scored seven goals and six assists for 13 total points for the Red Wings. With these numbers, Larkin is already nearing last year’s goal of nine and is steadily moving towards his 23 points from last year’s sprint season of 56 games.

Don’t forget that Larkin only logged 44 of those 56 games after Jamie Benn decided to punch Larkin in the ground and put him in the Injured Reserve (IR) for the cheap shot. The Red Wings have had to get creative with scoring over the past few years, and this year it seems the script has finally been upset.

With Larkin finding ways to get the puck to the back of the net, the Red Wings should be far better off than they have been before. Even though it’s just a player, it’s good to see he’s succeeding and can help bring some life to this offense.

The Red Wings have been able to settle in Larkin well since their return to the line-up. The question will be whether he can continue to be successful as the season progresses.

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