DVIDS – News – Traverse Metropolis, Mich., native serves aboard USS Rafael Peralta

PACIFIC OCEAN – Sergeant 2nd Class Tara Riedel, a Traverse City, Mich., Graduate of Traverse City West Senior High School and Alma College, serves in the U.S. Navy aboard the Arleigh Burke-class Peralta guided missile destroyer USS Rafael (DDG 115).

As a machine repair man, Riedel creates and repairs defective parts. Although the job requires a great deal of attention to detail, e.g. For example, if you only have a tolerance of 0.0001 to 0.005 inches when sizing a part, Riedel says her job is the best job in the Navy.

Their ministry takes them far from home; The Rafael Peralta is posted to Yokosuka, Japan. However, Riedel continues to be proud of her hometown and remains connected through family members who still live in Traverse City as well as shipmates from the same region.

“I’m really proud to say that I’m from Traverse City,” said Riedel. “I am a very proud Michigan resident and I love interacting with fellow sailors who are also from Michigan. There is an interesting connection that comes with finding another Southern Canadian, and it always makes me happy to talk to them about how to grow up there. “

Without the experience of growing up in Traverse City and the people who affected her there, she says she would not have the life or character she has now. “Traverse City will always be who I am at my core.”

Her decision to leave her hometown and serve her country was unexpected, but her decision to join the Navy was particularly influenced by a desire for financial stability and a family history of sea service. Her cousin was a submarine and her grandfather served in the Navy in the 1940s.

“I never expected to join the military, and everyone who knew me was shocked to find out,” said Riedel. “One day I woke up, felt like I was participating, talked to my wife (then a girlfriend) about it and just did it. And I’m glad I did. “

Her goals for her future in the Navy are to serve 20 years or more, become chief petty officer, and make positive change, especially in terms of mental health while serving at sea. She plans to learn all about engineering, get an Engineering Officer of the Watch qualification letter, and eventually become “Top Snipe” – the senior executive in the engineering department.

Outside the military, she would like to own a small farm with her wife, have at least five dogs and dedicate herself to the theater again. She said that her passion really lies in the theater.

For Riedel, serving aboard Rafael Peralta in the 7th US Fleet means that she will look after her family as well as possible from a distance and work with her shipmates, whom she values ​​very much.

“I was very lucky with my first ship,” she said. “I have a great support system from all the engineers on board.

Rafael Peralta is assigned to Task Force 71 / Destroyer Squadron (DESRON) 15, the largest DESRON deployed by the Navy and the main surface force of the 7th Fleet.

As the largest forward-facing fleet in the US Navy, the 7th Fleet employs 50-70 ships and submarines in the western Pacific and Indian Oceans. The U.S. 7th Fleet routinely operates and interacts with 35 maritime nations while conducting missions to preserve and protect a free and open Indo-Pacific region.

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