Double fatal crash in Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick goes on the report, more threats for Rep. Cynthia Johnson

2 dead, 1 injured in an accident in Detroit. Police suspect alcohol was a factor

A man and a four-year-old in separate cars were killed when two sedans collided on the west side of Detroit early Wednesday morning. The police believe that the child’s mother, the driver of a white Nissan, was under the influence of alcohol. She is in a temporary serious condition.

Two people died in a fatal car accident in Detroit early Wednesday morning.

Detroit police say a male adult and a 4-year-old child were killed in a collision between two cars around 1:30 a.m. on the west side of the city.

A 29-year-old woman was also arrested and taken to the hospital.

The cars involved were a white Nissan Sentra that was driven by a woman and a red Chevy Impala that was driven by the now deceased man.

The crash occurred on Seven Mile Road near Faust, west of the Southfield Freeway.

Police have not released official information on the details of the crash, but a source told FOX 2 that the child who was killed was in the back of the white car.

Shortly after the accident, a passer-by went to the scene of the accident and pulled the boy from his car seat after seeing smoke coming from the car and fearing it might catch fire. They also said the white car driver was his mother. She was listed in a temporarily serious condition.

Both cars suffered severe damage to the front and sides of the vehicles. The white limousine had run off the road after the accident.

Detroit police say a male adult and a 4-year-old child were killed in a collision between two cars around 1:30 a.m. on the west side of the city.

The cars were towed around 4 a.m. and a forensic doctor from the county was also on site. The police plan to check footage from nearby green light cameras.

It is believed that alcohol contributed to the accident.

Kwame Kilpatrick’s future plans

Former Detroit Mayor did Plans for his future after his sentence was commuted to corruption and extortion convictions earlier this year. He plans to remarry and turn to the ministry.

Kilpatrick said in his first interview since his release from Deadline Detroit Tuesday that he would tie his next few years to his faith. Upon learning that his sentence was commuted, Kilpatrick said he “fell on his knees and prayed to God, prayed to be faithful to God”.

Disgraced ex-Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is returning to Detroit this weekend to preach at church services

A free man, Kwame Kilpatrick reveals for the first time his plans for the future – including sermons in a Detroit church.

Detroit residents will have the opportunity to see the man show that loyalty in the Church as he plans to preach at Little Rock Baptist Church this Sunday. “I think he’s very serious, and I think the Detroiters need to hear the new Kwame,” said Rev. Jim Holley.

The extensive interview also mentioned that Kilpatrick is planning to remarry. He originally had no plans to return to Detroit, but people pulled him back.

Michigan Democrats unveil police reform package

A package of 16 bills was launched in the Michigan Legislature on Tuesday, the tries to fight police brutality and racial differences. However, as one Republican noted, it was introduced without Conservative lawmakers to back the bill – which made reform efforts soaring.

The law included a ban on strangleholdings, arrest warrants, and required police to use body cameras and allow citizens to sue police officers who use excessive force. One of the people present when the bill was handed over was Tawanna Gordon, Breonna Taylor’s cousin, who was killed by police last summer in Louisville.

Democrats are pushing police reform laws in Lansing, Republicans are pushing back

Republicans say it doesn’t take 16 bills to reform policing in Michigan, but Democrats say just because we haven’t seen police brutality here doesn’t mean it can’t and can’t happen.

“We ask Michigan politicians to consider all mothers in this country – blacks and browns – who are unable to return to normal after their lives have been cut short due to police brutality and excessive use of force that is out of date. Normal is no longer for them, “said Gordon.

The Republican chairman of the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee countered that chokeholds were not taught to the police and the ability to sue them would discourage those who wanted to join. “If one or two or three bad incidents … define law enforcement for a national and state audience, then I think we’ve really lost perspective,” said Rep. Graham Filler.

Detroit lawmakers are receiving more death threats

A Detroit Democrat who has received death threats and harassment messages before says she will get them back. They are “interspersed with racist and misogynistic language,” which has led to a law enforcement investigation.

“This is nothing new. This is the same hatred and violence that black Americans have faced for generations,” said Rep. Cynthia Johnson. “This is the same sexist slaughter that women in power have endured throughout history. These are the same manipulative tactics used by domestic violence abusers to humiliate victims into submission.

Johnson was at the end of the threats after speaking during a hearing when Rudy Giuliani, former President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, testified before Michigan lawmakers about false allegations of election theft.

The suspect behind these previous threats, Michael Varrone, has been charged on two counts of hoax or terrorist threat and one of hoax of bomb threat.

Struggling with endometriosis

A debilitating disease that targets women and the tissue that lines their uterus is common enough, but treatment is so rare.

This is the discovery Danie Leonard made after several doctor visits, which has made very little progress after having problems with her pelvis in 2007. “I can tell I’m curled up crying,” she said. “You cannot sleep on your side, you cannot sleep on your back. You can’t get up all the way. I mean, I still have bad posture because it’s just so uncomfortable.

Leonard, who works at an animal shelter in Dearborn, first found support and resources on the Internet. Both she and the doctors decided to have hysterectomy and excisional surgery to remove the tissue that surrounds her bowel and bladder.

But the surgery came with complications and she is still recovering in the hospital. She wants her story to reach as many women as possible as there is a 10% chance that a person will have the disease. A Beaumont doctor will be in the studio on Wednesday with further commentary.

Dangerous night driving in Metro Detroit

In addition to the double fatal crash Wednesday morning, several other accidents were reported during the night.

Michigan State Police responded to a fatal accident on I-94 in Romulus after a driver heading in the wrong direction on the freeway hit a car head-on. The culprit driver was killed in the accident, while the occupants of the other car – a 19-year-old man and a 22-year-old woman – were seriously injured and taken to hospital.

Clinton Township Police are investigating the fatal traffic accident involving a pedestrian and a 2012 Ford F-150 around 10 p.m. Tuesday night. A preliminary investigation found the victim was walking on Gratiot’s pavement when a 58-year-old man got in his way. The truck driver stopped and performed CPR with another bystander. The pedestrian may have been under the influence of alcohol.

Warren also had his own troubles last night after a man driving near the intersection of Mound and Martin had to swerve to avoid a car that was turning around at the intersection and crashed into a gas station. Nobody was hurt.

What else are we watching

  1. Do you remember the Defund the Police narrative that beat the drum in the summer of 2020? Attorney General Dana Nessel shared her thoughts on Tuesday when she said, “I think it’s the worst idea I’ve ever heard. I think if you want the best cops to patrol our streets, pay them for it. “
  2. Former Michigan Congressman Paul Mitchell, who voted against another term in the last election, says he is recovering after barely surviving kidney cancer in State IV.
  3. A highly complex THC extraction laboratory was discovered in Clinton Township and was decontaminated by a dangerous goods team on Tuesday. If it had exploded, it would have destroyed the garage it was in and damaged neighboring homes.
  4. A Michigan man pleaded guilty to threatening public officials and is serving a suspended sentence. The attorney general announced that a 63-year-old Clare County man had been charged on three counts of malicious use of a telecommunications operator’s service
  5. State Police are investigating a report of a suicidal man currently on Belle Isle. Soldiers were dispatched to the site early Wednesday morning to look for the subject.

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Automakers look forward to bill that boosts semiconductorsÖr production passes Senate

The Senate overwhelmingly passed a bill on Tuesday aimed at boosting US semiconductor production and the development of artificial intelligence and other technologies in the face of growing international competition, particularly from China.

The 68-32 votes for the bill show that the economic confrontation with China is an issue that unites both parties in Congress. That’s a rarity in an era of division as pressure mounts on Democrats to change Senate rules to break the Republican opposition and deadlock.

At the heart of the bill is an emergency allocation of $ 50 billion to the Department of Commerce to support the development and manufacture of semiconductors through research and incentive programs previously approved by Congress. The total cost of the bill would add about $ 250 billion to spending, with most of the spending occurring in the first five years.

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