Detroit Tigers Free Agent Signing Predictions

When the Detroit Lions enter Bye Week tomorrow, there will be much-needed excitement and hopefully some fulfillment as the Detroit Tigers Enter the waters of the MLB Free Agency.

“The monotony and loneliness of a quiet life stimulates the calm mind” – Albert Einstein. What does this quote from the brilliant scientist Albert Einstein have to do with the Detroit Tigers and the free agency MLB? Just really. Down in Lakeland, Florida, the Tigers’ spring training home, the front office bosses have a spreadsheet that identifies their free agent goals, or perhaps trade goals.

The room is quiet without the buzz of phones vibrating or maybe a funny ringtone like “Eye of the Tiger”. No reporters or blog writers, just Al Avila and his crew, similar to what you see in the movie “Moneyball”, pour over the statistics and numbers.

This scenario is really a headache, but seriously, the front office is getting ready for tomorrow evening, tomorrow evening at 5:00 p.m., the “rest period” ends and the teams can sign free agents or decide to choose options.

In the working talks between the owners and the players digging their trenches, it’s hard to tell if the teams are getting aggressive or maybe waiting for the employment contract to be resolved to sign players. There’s the invisible wage floor to consider and teams trying to avoid the luxury tax. In the case of the Cincinnati Reds, it’s their chance to cut their payroll.

For us, the contributors to all FanSided blogs, it is our opportunity to speculate with as much knowledge as possible about which directions their teams will take. For fans of the Detroit Tigers, it’s their chance to share their thoughts on who they’d like to see when they get the Old English D.

So, me and some of my contributors are making our official predictions, and we have asked you, the readers, to make your predictions as to who will sign the Detroit Tigers. Not only is it fun, but it’s kind of a way to get your shot off. For us it is a way to see how wrong we are or how right we could be. Anyway, this seems to be turning into a fun off-season so let’s start with the predictions.

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