Detroit schools go remote for two weeks amid coronavirus surge

Detroit public schools will be precautionary removed over the next two weeks as more coronavirus infections were reported last month.

In a message to the parents last Friday, the school announced that it would study again in person on April 19.

The district originally planned to keep the students at home for an additional week after the spring break. But the city’s “extraordinarily high” infection rate led DPSCD to extend this rate of return.

“This is an extra week break from the last message you received about worsening infection rates,” the note reads.

The Detroit Schools had waited until the city’s infection rate dropped below 3% before sending the kids back to the classrooms. The honeymoon didn’t last long after the kids returned in mid-March.

At this point the doldrums began to recover in some cases. Now positive tests have hit 15% in the city and more than 17% across the state.

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In response to the surge, the Detroit Schools’ plan to keep students in remote settings until April 12 has been extended for an additional week to reduce the potential for further infections.

The district will continue to offer breakfast and lunch to families. The Parent Resources Hubs will also reopen next week. Children who want to take standardized tests such as SAT or MSTEP can still take them at schools.

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