Detroit Red Wings GM Steve Yzerman’s eye for talent showing already

Maybe it was the shootout goal when Jakub Vrana ran across the net and just as he reached the far post, his right hand reached back and the puck slid past Curtis McElhinney of Tampa Bay to strike the lightning and the Detroit Red Giving Wings One The season is unlikely to win.

Or maybe it was Vrana’s puck seizure that broke the ice against the Carolina Hurricanes when he juiced a defender, exploded into a crease, and opened his right shoulder to the goalkeeper before handing the puck back in the top right corner.

Or maybe it’s the hiss with which the young Czech skates. The possibility too. Because you never know what he’s going to do.

It’s been a while since anyone in the Wings brought that kind of anticipation to your seat. And while it’s too early to say whether General Manager Steve Yzerman won the deal when he acquired Vrana for Mantha a little over three weeks ago, the early return is undeniable:

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