Detroit police arrest suspects in 2 silver Nissan Altimas after 2 chases on same day

In a single day, Detroit police chase two suspects, both in silver Nissan Altimas. And one of them could be tied to two separate shootings that injured five people.

It all depends on the suspect’s vehicle description – a silver Nissan Altima. The driver was taken into custody on Thursday in every car chase that took place approximately eight hours apart. Your challenge now is to find out who committed these crimes.

2 Detroit police chases on Thursday resulted in arrests of the same type of car

In a single day, two ferocious police officers are chasing both in silver Nissan Altimas. and one of them could be tied to two separate shootings, injuring five people.

A silver Nissan Altima crashed into a tree near Whittier and Wayburn on Thursday afternoon. Police said a 48-year-old man got out and ran – but not before leading Detroit police on a 20-minute chase. The man who gave the FOX 2 video saw it.

“He ran down the alley and they caught him there,” said the witness. “They had so many cops here, they had the K-9 unit, they got it.”

They stopped him because he was driving a silver Nissan Altima, which police said was not only stolen, but also had a stolen plate.

It also coincided with the description of a vehicle associated with two sets of shootings on the east side on Saturday April 17th.

In one incident, two people on Bewick and three people on Wilshire Drive were shot dead 20 minutes apart.

“Our cartridge cases also returned to a murder a few months ago on the east side,” said Cmdr. Eric Decker, Detroit Major Crimes

The Wilshire shell casings were also tied to a November murder on the east side.

But Cmdr. Eric Decker tells FOX 2 that the Altima that the 48-year-old drove wasn’t the suspect vehicle in Saturday’s shootings. Although the 48-year-old was still being arrested for escaping, hinting at and driving a stolen car.

“We have very limited reasons why we’re actually chasing someone,” Decker said. “This falls under our prosecution policy because of the nature of the crimes he was involved in.”

We are talking about two police chases on the same day.

At around 8 p.m. on Thursday, DPD tried to stop another silver Nissan Altima allegedly linked to the shootings on Saturday and the murder months ago. This driver started too.

Police took the 23-year-old into custody in the Greektown Casino garage. He, too, leads the police on a chase. Michigan state police blew up until he pulled into the garage – and asked for a ride in someone else’s car. But the police still have it.

“Not a bad place to stop if you’re a bad guy because the helicopter can’t see you,” Decker said. “But a really bad place because all that video is in there.”

Drivers of two different silver Nissan Altimas were arrested Thursday after two car chases.

Drivers of two different silver Nissan Altimas were arrested Thursday after two car chases.

While Decker tells us he’s confident the Altima the 23-year-old drove was related to Saturday’s shootings, they’re still working to confirm who committed the crime. The police are still investigating.

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