Detroit Lions Will Harris 3 Keys Successful 2021 NFL Season

Safety Will Harris has shown a dramatic improvement on the film in 2020, and if he continues like this it could be one of the two answers for Detroit on safety in 2021.

Experience tells me the movie doesn’t lie, and boy am I glad I took the time to see Harris last season. I’m so glad I didn’t just rely on past impressions that weren’t very good.

Harris shot it a season ago and from what I’ve seen he was a lot more aggressive and tried a lot better.

For the most part, he consistently got it against the barrel and the pass.

My hat goes to Harris. It was one of the rare times I saw such a dramatic improvement.

Harris consistently attacked the runners and the scrimmage line in running support and was much more involved in reporting. He wasn’t a playmaker in reporting, but he was a drama guy. He would often act aggressively on recipients right after the catch and run back on screens.

Harris actually looked like part of a third round selection (2019 draft), and he looked like someone Lions can win with.

In the future, these are his three keys to success.

1.) Harris has to learn the new defensive playbook.

This may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s especially true for younger players (Harris is 25 years old).

Each employee has their own terminology, philosophies, and concepts, and Harris has to deal with and learn from them. He needs to know the playbook and “language” of Lions Defensive Coordinator Aaron Glenn in the freshman year.

2.) Harris has to shut himself up in the movie room and study.

He must investigate the Lions’ upcoming opponents in 2021 and the possible matchups on the field that he may see.

It would also be wise to study the 2020 New Orleans Saints Defense because that’s where Glenn comes from. Now is the time to assert yourself against the competition and be as prepared as possible. The film shows the little things that can make a big difference.

3.) He has to be the first in the building and the last to leave (if he isn’t already).

Harris needs to focus on making improvements with the same energy and tenacity with which he attacked his back and receiver last season.

He must try to get as much time off Aubrey Pleasant as possible. Sitting down and reviewing the movie and asking Pleasant and Glenn for pointers can only help. It will also make him popular with the new coaches in Motown.

While Harris must realize that he is not one of “their boys”, keeping all of these points in mind could go a long way in making him one.

If Harris does these three things, it can only help him have another good season in Detroit and further cement his chances of keeping that spot on the depth map.

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