Detroit fans enjoy ‘worry-free’ sporting events

Detroit – The Wave has returned to Comerica Park in case you should be reminded that luckily the sport is pretty much back to normal at last.

The fans at Comerica Park got it going on Wednesday night during the Tigers’ game against the Seattle Mariners. While no one is keeping a record, it was likely the first wave – you know, that synchronized fan show that became popular in Motor City in 1984 – at Comerica Park since 2019.

“Not that I noticed,” said Brad Guldemond, 30, of Ferndale, a part-time cardholder who was at the game on Wednesday, his 10th game this year. “People were afraid to get up when they shouldn’t.”

For the first time in more than a year, the only sports event restrictions in Michigan are on athletic talent themselves.

As of June 1, the Tigers’ capacity limit – which was 8,000 per game in April and May – was completely lifted. In early spring, the mask mandate was lifted for those who received the COVID-19 vaccination.

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